Chouteau County Active Warrant List

Updated January 4th, 2018





Boehm, Brian

Revocation of Suspended/Deferred Sentence $1000.00 W166-00006
Bozeman, Shannon   $710.00 W286
Brown, Shawna Theft Exceeding $1500 $2500.00 W18-00001
Burns, Christopher Revocation of Suspended/Deferred Sentence $100000.00 W16-00005
Campbell, Craig Issuing Bad Check $200.00 W16-00012
Campbell, Liz Issuing Bad Check $400.00 W16-00011
Chovanak, Crystal Criminal Distribution of Dangerous Drug/Narcotic/Opiate $5000.00 W16-00009
Clark, Alan Criminal Contempt $10000.00 W16-00007
Demontiney, Lynnel Driving while Suspended/Revoked, No Insurance, Failure to Secure License Plate $755.00 W16-00017
Denny, Tyson Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drug, Selling/Providing Alcohol to Person Under 21 $320.00 W16-00019
Denny, Williams DUI, Careless Driving, No Insurance, Failure to Secure License Plate, Driving with Suspended $5000.00 W16-00018
Dodge, Tristan Fishing Offenses/Unlawful Means $135.00 W17-00017
Dowling, Michael Issing Bad Check $50.00 W16-00015
Dupris, Casey DUI, Open Container in Motor Vehicle, Speeding, Driving without License $915.00 W16-00014
Duran, Rhonda Revocation of Suspended/Deferred Sentence $150.00 W16-00016
Findley, Cori Theft Exceeding $1500 $15000.00 W16-00021
Gardipee, Clayton Speeding, Driving while Suspended/Revoked $325.00 W16-00022
Guardipee, Jaycee Speeding, Driving while Suspended/Revoked $405.00 W17-00016
Harris, Jeffery Issuing Bad Checks $250.00 W16-00024
Herriot, Trevor Insufficient Personal Flotation Devices $85.00 W214
Knoble, Rodney Revocation of Suspended/Deferred Sentence $50000.00 W16-00028
Lamere, Eleanor   $40.00 W17-00010
Lamere, Michael Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drug $95.00 W16-00026
Masten, Christopher Issuing Bad Check $585.00 W17-00019
Mcpherson, Shawn Obstructing a Peace Officer $585.00 W16-00031
Olsson, Jason Criminal Tresspass $185.00 W16-00032
O'Neal, Ryan Criminal Contempt $20000.00 W16-00033
Pierce, Corey Issuing Bad Check $120.00 W16-00034
Ragsdale, Linda Issuing Bad Check $200.00 W16-00035
Rodrigues, Marcie Issuing Bad Check $150.00 W16-00036
Scott, Joseph PFMA $1000.00 W16-00037
Sides, Neil PFMA $385.00 W16-00038
Spindlow, Daniel Issuing Bad Check $75.00 W16-00041
Springer, Samuel Issuing Bad Check $540.00 W16-00039
Stump, Ronald Issuing Bad Check $130.75 W16-00040
Sutton, Timothy Issuing Bad Check $200.00 W53
Taft, Randy Issuing Bad Check $100.00 W16-00042
Taylor, Adam Theft $1139.00 W17-00001
Thorntorn, Dianne Issuing Bad Check $100.00 W16-00044
Tolle, John Issuing Bad Check, Criminal Contempt $530.00 W2
Troyer, Gator Fail to Tag, Unlawful Possess/Ship/Transport Game $555.00 W16-00043
Valenzuela, Saul Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drug with Intent to Distribute $50000.00 W16-00045
Wall, Ron Issuing Bad Check $500.00 W16-00047
Welch, Samantha Driving while Suspended/Revoked $285.00 W16-00048
Wharram, Randall PFMA $270.00 W17-00005
White, Heather Issuing Bad Check $500.00 W16-00046