Chouteau County Warrants List

Updated on 17 Apr 2016

Aipperspach, Tammy Contempt of Court $70 CR-2015-0000001
Boehm, Brain Frederick Contempt of Court $1,000 DC-97-16
Bozeman, Shannon Contempt of Court $335 TK-2007-0000408
Bozeman, Shannon Contempt of Court $375 TK-2007-0000935
Burns, Christopher Violation Conditions of Release $1,000 TK-2013-0752
Campbell, Craig M Bad Check $200 94C390
Campbell, Liz L Bad Check $400 95C322
Carter, Tanya Lynn Contempt of Court $835 TK-2014-0000303
Castillo, Gerardo Fail to Appear $20,000 DC-11-11
Chovanack, Crystal Distribution of Dangerous Drug $5,000 DC-09-04
Clark, Alan Duane Contempt of Court $1,000 TK-2009-780
Cogar, Frank Murray Contempt of Court $170 TK-2013-0000790
Demontiney, Donita Bad Check $500 CR-2007-004
Demontiney, Lynnel C Contempt of Court $755 TK-2008-0000921
Denny, Tyson Payge Contempt of Court $320 TK-2009-0000183
Denny, William James DUI/Traffic $5,000 DC-08-19
Dormady,Zachariah Dalton Contempt of Court $470 TK-2014-0000361
Dowling, Micheal L Bad Check $50 96C0159
Dupris, Casey Gerald Contempt of Court $915 TK-2015-000635
Duran, Rhonda S Release Violation $150 01CR4029A
Findley, Cori Wendle Felony Theft $15,000 DC-2015-02
Gardipee, Clayton Contempt of Court $325 TK-2011-921
Giles, Troy F Bad Check $250 01CR4254
Hagen, Daniel J Contempt of Court $535 TK-2015-000114
Harris, Jeffery Conner Contempt of Court $250 CR4403
Herriot, Trevor N Fail to Appear $85 TK-2005-0001100
Johnson, Polly Brawt Contempt of Court $500 TK-2004-8292
Kirn, Parker Contempt of Court $570 TK-2012-0000793
Knoble, Rodney A Violate Suspended Sentence $50,000 DC-05-12
Kueter, Kyelar Logan Contempt of Court $25,000 DC-15-10
Lamere, Michael Louis Contempt of Court $535 Tk-2007-0000537
Masten, Christopher J Bad Check $585 CR-10-01
McNulty, Bobby Lewis Violation Conditions of Release $1,507 DC-10-03
Mcpherson, Shawn L Obstructing a Peace Officer $585 TK-2015-0000549
Olsson, Jason Jonathon Contempt of Court $185 TK-2014-0000364
O'Neal Ryan Jerome Contempt of Court $20,000 Dc-07-15
Pemberton, Richard Allen Violation Conditions of Release $25,000 DC-15-06
Perry, Tameria Joyce Contempt of Court $185 TK-2015-0000182
Pierce, Corey J Bad Check $200 97C0181
Ragsdale, Linda L Bad Check $200 95C137
Rodrigues, Marcie L Bad Check $150 02CR5526
Rogers, Jacob David Eluding $5,000 CR-2016-002
Scott, Joseph David PFMA $1,000 CR-2009-04
Sides, Neil Contempt of Court $385 TK-2012-0000678
Spindlow, Daniel L Bad Check $75 92CA57
Springer, Samuel Bad Check $150 97CO153
Springer, Samuel Bad Check $150 97CO184
Springer, Samuel Bad Check $120 97CO194
Springer, Samuel Bad Check $120 97CR147
Stump, Ronald D Bad Check $131 TK-2012-0000003
Sutton, Timothy L Bad Check $200 01CR3946
Taft, Randy Bad Check $100 98CO107
Taylor, Adam Levi Contempt of Court $1,139 CR-2014-000005
Thornton, Dianne L  Bad Check $100 99CR1679
Tolle, John Contempt of Court $530 01CR3238
Troyer, Gator W Fail to Appear $555 TK-2014-0000827
Valenzuela, Saul Navarro Dist of Dangerous Drug $50,000 DC-09-09
Wall, Ron Bad Check $500 97CO030
Welch, Samantha Fail to Appear $285 TK-2015-0000507
White, Heather M Bad Check $500 CR-09-03