Opportunities for Employment


Deputy Sheriff


Chouteau County Sheriff's Office is NOT currently accepting applications for full time position of Deputy Sheriff.  Starting salary is $35,700.00. Deputy Sheriffs are uniformed sworn employees who enforce the law in the county. Deputies must have an active interest in working with people and be able to be fair with all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious belief, political affiliation, or economic level. Deputies provide services from several locations throughout Chouteau County and perform a variety of duties:

-       Respond to emergency calls for assistance

-        Investigate complaints

-        Investigate suspicious behavior

-        Arrest persons suspected of committing crime

-        Provide assistance in resolving problems

-        Patrol urban, suburban, and rural areas

Applications are available online for download or at the Law Enforcement Facility located at 1215 Washington. Fort Benton, MT 59442 

For additional information, contact Undersheriff Larry Ophus at (406) 622-5451.


Montana Peace Officer Application   and    Applicant Rights Form



Detention Officer


Chouteau County Sheriff's Office is currently accepting applications for Detention Officers.  Starting wage is $12/hr with benefits and 20 year retirement.  Detention Officers properly handle all booking procedures for inmates, ether incoming or outgoing.  Insures that all incoming inmates are properly searched and changed into detention facility clothing.  Takes measures to see that all incoming inmates are classified and placed in proper cell blocks.  Prevents items of contraband from being brought into the Detention Facility.  Supervises the cleaning of facility by inmates and/or officer maintenance.  Delivers meals and medications to inmates at appropriate times.  Conducts security checks and random cell searches.  Accounts for and maintains records of inmates property.  Maintains or supervise the laundering of Detention Facility clothing and bedding.  Shuttles and transfers inmates to court and other facilities across the state.  Performs all other duties as assigned.  Detention Officers will attend the four week MLEA Corrections/Detention Officer Basic class and become state certified.


For more information contact Undersheriff Larry Ophus at (406) 622-5451


CCSO Standard Application   and    Applicant Rights Form


Communications Officer


Chouteau County Sheriff's Office is NOT currently accepting applications for Communications Officers.  Starting wage is $12/hr.  Communications Officers train to use a computer-aided dispatch system (CAD), receive emergency calls from the public requesting police, fire, medical or other emergency services. Determine the nature and location of the emergency; determine priorities, and dispatch Law, Fire, Ambulance or other emergency units as necessary and in accordance with established procedures. Receive and process 9-1-1 emergency calls, maintain contact with all units on assignment, maintain status and location of police and fire units. Monitor direct emergency alarms, answer non-emergency calls for assistance. Enter, update and retrieve information from a variety of computer systems. Receive requests for information regarding vehicle registration, driving records and warrants, and provides pertinent data. Monitor several complex public safety radio frequencies. Operate a variety of communications equipment, including radio consoles, telephones and computer systems. Training includes but is not limited to 480 + hours in the Dispatch Center.  Dispatchers are required to attend MLEA for the 40 hour Public Safety Communicator Basic and is also required to become certified as an APCO EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher)  This training is obtained in-house.  CPR certification is required to be obtained.


For more information contact Communications Manager Kimberly Burdick at (406) 622-5451


CCSO Standard Application   and    Applicant Rights Form