The Chouteau County Detention Facility is certified by both the State of Montana and a number of federal agencies to hold prisoners. It is one of only a hand-full of local detention facilities to meet state and federal standards and has done so since 1986. Detention Officers are trained and certified through the State of Montana. The facility can hold up to 28 inmates.  CLICK HERE FOR INMATE ROSTER.

The Chouteau County Detention Facility offers inmate housing for transfers from and to State or Federal Detention Facilities.  For further information, contact the Detention Facility at 406-622-3660.

Visitation hours and policy:
Each visitor is required to prove their identity prior to being allowed to visit. Proof of identity may be in the form of picture id including but not limited too:

            State driver's license.

            State identification card.

            Agency identification card.

            Military identification card.

The staff will hold all visitors in the lobby until they have been cleared.   The staff will not allow a visitor under the age of eighteen (18) to visit with an inmate, except when supervised by an accompanying parent.  The staff will conduct inmate visits with family members and friends according to the following schedule:


Visits will be conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays between the hours of 13:00hrs to 15:00hrs.  Visits with family members and friends may be limited to twenty (20) minutes in length. Personnel may allow longer visits if it does not restrict the visits of other inmates.  Staff will not allow more than two (2) family members or friends to a visit with an inmate at any given time during a scheduled visit.

Inmates and visitors will conduct themselves appropriately at all the times. It is important that you respect the rights of fellow inmates and visitors to visit without incident. When an inmate or a visitor does not conduct themselves properly, detention personnel will discontinue the visit, ask the visitor to leave, and return the inmate to his cell.  All visitors will leave the visiting area when told to do so by detention personnel. Visitors are not allowed to enter any other area in the facility unless under escort by an Officer.

Professional visits, (attorneys, clergy, etc.) may visit at any reasonable time, excluding meal times.

Attorneys and clergy may be subject to search prior to and after a contact visit.

Incoming Mail:

The following items will not be received through the mail at Chouteau County Detention Facility:

        Checks or cash

        Polaroid pictures

        Tobacco products

        Loose stamps

        Nude, partially nude, violent or gang related pictures

        Wooden or metal items, plastic items, such as phone cards

        Jewelry - handmade, store purchased or otherwise

        Cards with ribbons, musical cards, and no plastic on greeting cards

        Envelopes or packages with plastic bubbles


        Oversized, cardboard, or handmade glued, layered cards

        No express mail or priority mail (large cardboard envelopes).

Items that are allowed include:

        Money Orders

        Newspapers and books by subscription or publisher only

        Up to 15 blank sheets of paper and up to 10 stamped envelopes

        Only three copied pages from books, puzzle books, etc. may be received at a time.

For more information about what items are allowed into the Detention Facility, call 406-622-3660.