Property Check Program

Do you own property that you don't see for long periods of time? Do you have valuable items stored at locations away from your home? Then let us give you some peace of mind and help us fight crime in our county.

The Chouteau County Sheriff's Office and Crime Stoppers of Chouteau County are starting this program due to the on going problem with property crimes in the state. The Property Check Program is a way to prevent theft and vandalism of personal and business properties in Chouteau County. A list will be generated from interested property owners and Deputies will do random checks on these properties throughout the year. All you have to do to participate in this program is to fill out a form that is on hand at the Chouteau County Sheriff's Office at 1215 Washington, or click below to download a request form.

Click here for Property Check Program Request Form

This form will ask for your contact information (phone number and address), the property address and or directions, and a brief description of the items and valuables stored there.
This information will be beneficial for several reasons. First it will help us find target properties before the criminals do. Second we will have an inventory and descriptions of valuable items to aid in recovery in case of a crime. And lastly your contact information will help us notify you of anything we find faster. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

All information gathered will be confidential and property check times will not be public knowledge. If you have any questions please call Deputy Justin Smith at 406-622-5451.