Chouteau County Open Burning Regulations


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No person shall cause, allow or permit the open burning of any material unless he/she has applied for and been issued a permit for such open burning from the Chouteau County Sheriff's Office 406-622-5451 or local fire authority. 



Open burning: open burning as used here defined as the burning of a quantity or large area of allowable material outside of a container or small enclosed area.
Local Fire Authority: The Sheriff and/or County Fire Chief/Fire Warden and his designated assistant. The Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief of the fire department/company/district in the area where burning is anticipated.



The local fire authority AND the Chouteau County Sheriff's Office must be notified of the intent to initiate burning within 24 hours prior to the actual burning. The issuance of a permit does not release the permittee from this notification requirement unless the permit is issued within 24 hours prior to the burn and the local fire authority and Chouteau County Sheriff have been notified at that time.



Fire control authorities retain the right to restrict the burning season, number of burns, size of burns, and regulation of burns in the event of excessively dry or hazardous conditions.



1. TAKE EVERY PRECAUTION TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF YOUR FIRE OR PARTICULATE OMISSIONS BEYOND YOUR PROPERTY. Have on hand the necessary materials and personnel to keep your fire in control at all times. The permittee assumes all liability for any damage and suppression costs resulting from fires authorized by this permit.
2. Burn only clean dry materials in a small enough area that it can be observed and controlled at all times.
3. Have an adult attending to the fire at all times.
4. Be sure that your fire is completely out before abandoning it.
5. DO NOT burn in a period of high wind or excessively dry conditions.
6. DO NOT burn in an area where wind drift is such that smoke from your fire will create a hazard on a roadway or other public facility or otherwise create a public nuisance.
7. Do not burn animal droppings, garbage, dead animals (except when required by ARS for disease control with permission), prohibited petroleum derivatives, oil, or any type of petroleum products, railroad ties, tar paper, plastic materials or toxic wastes.

Fire control authorities retain the right to enter private property to investigate and/or suppress fires, to modify a permit, to cancel a permit, or delay implementation of a permit if deemed necessary.
Burning without a permit is a misdemeanor according to MCA 7-33-2206.